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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Sincerely, it is now beyond doubt that this world is already coming to an end with the numerous evil deeds befalling our communities nowadays. Imagine an ordinary secondary school boys thinking of making fast money through rituals at their young age.

The mind-baffling incident occured in Abeokuta area of Ogun State, Nigeria, where a greedy young boy of 16-year-old 'Fatai Raimi' is reported to have engaged himself in a ritual money-making from a Herbalist which eventually lead to his untimely death.

The deceased 'Raimi Fatai' and one of his classmates collaborated with one of their friends in the class who happens to be the son of the Herbalist that prepared the charm and the concoction for them as they requested. Included in their request was a protection charm and a knowlodge booster so as to make them brilliant. His classmate that accompanied him with the intention of making the same ritual is now at the verge of leaving the surface of this Earth as he is unconscious in a nearby Hospital in the area.

Perhabs either Raimi and his classmate misused the charm given to them or the charm was wrongly prepared by the Herbalist, only God Almighty knows.

Meanwhile the Principal of their school has rightly said that the incident is non-academical and that it happened off-school, so the school should be exempted from the case.

The Ogun State Police Public Relation Officer  'Muyiwa Adejobi' however assured the families of the victims that their command will do a thorough investigation on the case and make sure that the Herbalist and his son are adequately questioned.

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