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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


An African-American woman, Virgina McLaurin, has said her meeting with the United States’ President, Barack Obama, is a moment she
has longed for in her life.
106-year-old woman 'Virgina McLaurin' has fulfilled her dream of visiting the White House to meet with the President of the United State of America uring her life time.
Virgina McLaurin who is an African-American citizen of the US danced with Obama and his lovely wife, the First Lady 'Michelle' at the White House, jubilating that she finally had the opportunity of meeting him so as to celebrate with him as the first black President of the US.
Suprisingly, the video that captured the visitation was posted on the White House Facebook page on Sunday and it had already been viewed by more than 17 million people by Monday morning as reported by VOA.
The 106-year-old black American undilutedly said, “I thought I would never live to get in the White House. I’m so happy. A black president …his black wife. I’m here to celebrate black history. That is what I’m here for. It is an honour.”
His Excellency 'Barack Obama' voiced, “She’s dancing at 106. We’re glad to have you here,” while the First Lady 'Michelle' was intrigued by her agility at that age, stressing that she would like to mimic her when she gets old like her,  “I wanna be like you when I grow up. We’re happy to have you here. We’re happy for you.” 

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