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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


As it is always said that everyday is for the thieves while a day is for the rightful owner, the statement is extremely perfect in Saudi Arabia as thieves, rapists, drug traffickers and the likes all have death as their consequences over there.

It has been reported that a Saudi Arabian 'Mufrih bin Ahmed Khamis' who kidnapped and made moves to rape his lord 'employer' has been arrested and excuted in the southwestern city of Abha immediately after he was found guilty by a Court in Saudi despite the fact that he pleaded not guilty.

Mufrih bin Ahmed Khamis actually works for her Boss as a driver and decided to take advantage of the woman by taking victim and her baby to an isolate building where he maltreated her.

According to the Court, “He beat her, handcuffed her and placed tape over her mouth. He then drove her to an isolated location and tried to rape her.”
“taking advantage of the fact that he drove her to the school where she worked,”

The Court further read, "After stealing her money and telephone, Khamis abandoned the woman and child,"

However, the kidnapper 'Mufrih bin Ahmed Khamis' was beheaded with a sword as usual in Saudi Arabia, making it 64th of it's kind this year after the Kingdom had 153 of such last year.

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