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Thursday, 25 February 2016


A community nigh Mumbai in India was in chaos and discomfort today when approximately 100 Indian school-pupils were hospitalised with alleged food poisoning after eating a free lunch meal at a government-owned school in the area because most of the children at the rural primary school fell ill after taking the lunch of rice and pulses that were served.

,According to officials, 13 of the hospitalized Pupils were in a critical health situation and that the foods have been sent to the Lab for a thorough test, “Thirteen are critical but out of danger. More than 140 were discharged after medical screening. The rest are undergoing treatment,” said Doctor Ashok Khandagle and that 247 students were initially brought for treatment late afternoon after they all complained of nausea and started vomiting adding that the victims were within the age of 6 to 14

Meanwhile the deputy Police Chief of Palghar district in the western state of Maharashtra, India, reported and I quote “Ninety-seven have been admitted to hospital, a few of them are critical,”

Statistically, Indian government has the world's largest midday meal programme, providing lunch meal for approximately 120 million Pupils every blessed day that school is in operation, covering more than a million schools.
However, the Federal Government of India had assured to form fresh guidelines to improve food safety and hygiene to end a string of cases of poisoning of this kind.

Sadly, it had been reported that many Pupils feel uncomfortsble after taking the meal, perhabs the meals are not hygienically prepared or mistakenly contaminated pesticide as it lead to the death of over 24 Pupils in Bihar State, India, in the year 2013.

Nevertheless, the Indian Government's intended aim is to empower and motivate the poor and young citizens to have no hunger excuse of not attending schools compared to being subjected to street-hawking and chronic malnutrition at home with their pitiful parents. The highly beneficial programme actually kick started in 2001.

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