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Thursday, 18 February 2016


The Lagos State Police Command have arrested the murderer ''Lukman Jimoh' popularly known as Oyeolorun for allegedly killing his close friend 'Remi Oloyede' nicknamed Ora in a brutal battle between the two friends on Monday along Adedoja Street in Mushin Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.
During the fight, the deceased secured too much of injuries, with his ears being chopped off and hugely stabbed in his eyes and on his neck which made him loss too much of blood, that eventually lead to his death at the spot where they fought.
According to the residents in Mushin, “Oyeolorun 'Jimoh' and Ora 'Oloyede' have been friends for a long time now. They were both living on this street before Oyeolorun relocated to Sango, Ogun State, where he is staying with his family.
“But about three years ago, Oyeolorun allegedly had sexual relation with Ora’s wife and he was very angry about it. From that time, he started looking for a way to get back at him for betraying him.
“To get even, he slept with Oyeolorun’s first wife, but Oyeolorun had already divorced the woman. Ora was still angry and seeking opportunity for a revenge.”
Another resident 'Bunmi Osunde' who witnessed the misunderstandings between the two old time friends explaned that it was an issue over a Handset. One resident of that area bought a phone from the deceased for #1,500 but unfortunately, the phone was malfunctioning. The deceased 'Ora' refused to refund the money after the phone he sold was defective, which the phone buyer decided to send Jimoh to him to speak on his behalf. Jimoh asked him to refund a part of the money if he could not return the whole sum, but he refused. All the deceased could say was, "even if anybody would talk to him, it could not be a man that slept with his wife.”
It was learnt that during an argument that ensued, the deceased broke a bottle, picked a splinter and extended another to the suspect, challenging him to a duel.
Jimoh, who reportedly hesitated, was said to have been compelled to strike back after the deceased attacked him.
A community member, Adewale Baloye, said people did not intervene because the duo were notorious for such fights.
He said, “It was around 2pm that I got a call that the men were fighting. When I got there, I saw a mammoth crowd on the street. I saw Ora (Oloyede) on the ground, in a pool of blood. His ears had been cut off and his eyes were gone.
“I quickly called a community leader and I was informed that the police were on their way. People took Orain a tricycle to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, but the doctors turned them back at the gate, saying it was too late. They just brought back his corpse to the area and from there he was taken to a mortuary.
“The police then went to our local clinic, where Oyeolorun (Jimoh) was receiving treatment and arrested him.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were ongoing.
She said, “The scene of the incident has been visited and the suspect arrested. The corpse was deposited at the Mainland Hospital morgue, Yaba. Investigations are ongoing.”

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