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Monday, 22 February 2016



Musa Inuwa, the murderer of a 60-year-old man, has been arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps 'NSCDC' yesterday after he had punched the old man heavily which made him to fall, landing with his head on the concrete pavement and immediately lost his consciousness. Eventually, the injury that was sustained by the old-man took his soul.

According to Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Borno State Corps Commandant, the suspect was actually arrested at Jidari Polo Bus Stop in Maiduguri,  “The suspect was apprehended by the youth vigilance team known as Civilian JTF, who brought the accused to NSCDC command."

Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim also told news men that “The victim, who suffered grievous bodily harm leading to his death, was said to have asked the suspect were he could locate a chemist to buy drugs". “Unknown to the victim, the suspect was already intoxicated on illicit substance and told the old man that he was disturbing him. The suspect then punched him. The man fell forward and hit his head on the concrete pavement that rendered him unconscious". “The victim was quickly rushed to Umaru Shehu Specialist Hospital, but unfortunately passed away as a result of massive brain trauma.” 

However, the case has been transferred to the Borno Police Command for further investigation and prosecution.

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