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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


The Citizens of Oja’ba area of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria were made to lock themselves in their respective homes when a deadly battle between some gangsters surfaced in the area which lead to loss of lives among the gangsters as reported by the Oyo State Police Command today.

Meanwhile, the residents of that area made it known that the gangsters are long time rivals in the area and that two groups 'Idowu Boys' and 'Zaccheus Boys' joined hands together to fight the third group whose name is yet to be known.
According to one of the occupants of the area, “Idowu Boys said it had an unfinished business with the other group after a recent clash. The members said they would attack the group after teaming up with Zaccheus Boys on Tuesday evening, so there was tension that led to commotion in the area,” and that “We had to close our shops and stay indoors because of past experience."
Another faithful resident explained, “From what I heard, Idowu Boys said the other group killed one of their members recently and that they were prepared to take revenge on them. They laid an ambush around Gege area, leading to a fight that left three dead. We later heard that six persons eventually died in the clash with both sides sharing the figure.”
However, none of the residents knew exactly the number of the gangsters that sacrificed their souls in the unproductive clash as many gave different number of casualties, with some saying up to six persons were killed from both sides of the rival gangs.
Nevertheless, the Public Relations Officer of the Oyo State Police Command 'Mr Adekunle Ajisebutu' said police had restored peace in the area while those behind the attack would be fished out, “Only one person died. The Commissioner of Police has ordered 24 hour security coverage of the affected areas with a view to protecting lives and property. Some arrests have been made. Normalcy has returned as the police warn against acts causing breach of public peace.”

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